Brevity is the soul of wit. Shakespeare wrote it 400 years back in his HAMLET. It is really so, and this line comes to me again and again— more so, when I see long-winded speakers around. There is no dearth of such people around you and me. They are boring because they make their communication repetitive, and unnecessarily long and winding, sapping all the interest of the listener. When one word is sufficient, they love to use 100 words  at the earliest opportunity, regardless of what is at issue. I have a friend, he is not a mean man, he is perfectly knowledgeable. At the slightest provocation, he will come out with everything he learnt in history in his life. His submission normally becomes so long that often he forgets what he started with. Needless to say one can understand how much boring such persons are generally!!! Master communicator knows that fewer words, and even unsaid words, make more impact. Intelligent people talk less, and are less noisy. Also true is the fact that intelligent people shuns long-winded speakers.

When I am face to face with such boring people, the same quotation of Shakespeare comes to my mind. Brevity is really the soul of wit. People who know much, have control over language, say the whole thing in a few words. This makes a great impact on people around.  It is my experience that people of less wit and intelligence take longer route to convey things, use more words and take long time to express. Do you Remember short expressions like ” TO BE OR NOT TO BE”, ‘ ET TU BRUTE”, ‘ THEY ARE ALL GENTLEMEN’ ???  This expressions are short and crisp, conveys a whole story requiring a few thousand words. My advice to my friends don’t be verbose, if you can, use only a few words, instead of many. It is because, BREVITY IS THE SOUL OF WIT, and honour it.

Author: Your useful Books.

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