Modi’s diplomacy, article 370 and Pakistan.

Pakistan is again slapped at UNSC. Their request to have a special meeting of security council, in order to condemn India for unilaterally abrogating article 370 and 35A, was rejected, saying that it is only to be bi-laterally resolved. This has been India’s stand all through. All world has vindicated India’s stand. Our representative has become a hero at UNSC.[


All the credit should go to Modi, he deserves it. He is a new man in PM’s position. He moved all over the world earlier, to convince world leaders of India’s position, in regard to Pakistan. Indian leaders who are in the opposition are aeons behind him in thought, action, determination, and philosophy. While he was winning over world leaders, one after other, the opposition leaders were doing circus in the country, and was criticising  him accusing  that he was pleasure-touring the world. Modi’s world diplomacy cornered Pakistan today, Pakistan is alone and derelict. He is a master leader that the country has not been accustomed to, so far .

He is not tied down by convention, and meaningless procedure. He made Jaysankar, a bureaucrat, not a politician, as the foreign minister. This Jaysankar was India’s ambassador to America, china, France, UK, and also have personal contacts with important leaders of the world. He played a great role in convincing the world of India’s position. Naming him as the foreign minister, goes to the credit of Modi. Syed Akrabuddin, our permanent representative to UNO played a great role, in pushing through India’s case, as always. His being a Muslim, is another cap in Modi’s cap. My suggestion is that bring forth many more such Muslim leaders, and put them in position who will fight resolutely India’s case.

This will bring SAVKA BISWASH, especially to the  minority of Muslims from lower status of society, who complains 24×7, that present Govt is not secular. This will stitch together, and help integration of India.

His leadership made India safe and secured in the world. Terrorism will soon be a thing of the past. Thanks for reading.


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