Shahrukh khan, may be a great weapon in India’s arsenal, to combat corona virus. It is reassuring that Shahrukh announced at last, a huge amount to Govt. to combat virus. I was wondering where was Shahrukh in this crisis of India that India’s woe started a month ago. At last it has come, it reassured me. He has always been generous , and participated directly and indirectly, for India’s welfare. But this time he and other actors like Salman khan and Amir khan, have added significance, in the fight of India against corona.

We know that a section of Muslim population, especially from lower rung of society with lesser literacy rate, poor and disadvantaged, keep themselves out of mainstream, and not concerned to save India from corona affliction. Disgruntled ones are proving to be counter productive, those are misleading equally disadvantaged Muslim population, to spread corona . They believe corona is sent by almighty, discouraging their community to practice safety measures. It is dangerous, both for them and for India.

Here comes the role of Shahrukh, he is a popular actor, has a great influence on the masses. Put him at the forefront, in the fight against corona. When the Muslims belonging to the lower class will see that one powerful man from his religious faith, is interested in fighting corona, those also will join. Then no sabotage-action will occur. One thing sure, in India to succeed as a nation, we must carry every religious faith along, we can not keep anybody dissatisfied or ignored. It is difficult to build an empire but so easy to destroy. THEREFORE, MY ADVICE IS THAT PUT SHAHRUKH AT THE FOREFRONT OF OUR FIGHT AGAINST CORONA.

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