Modi is being mercilessly criticised for withdrawing export ban on hydroxicloroquinin, under threat of retaliation from Trump. Trump is the most powerful man in this world, heading the richest country. It is not unusual that many will fear him; if Modi does it, one should not be critical about him. It may be strategic. Undoubtedly, he is a great tactical leader.

What is more important is that he did not succumb to pressure from Trump, Trump was requesting him for last one month to supply him HYDROXICLOROQUININE, Modi assured him he would check, and in fact, he allowed export to America and others, just before Trump mentioned the word retaliation……………………………………….. There is a time difference between America and India, and this gave room to the speculation that Modi’s withdrawl of ban was under pressure from Trump, fact is otherwise. This has explained well in a video of Shekhar Gupta, who is an acclaimed journalist. Good, the thing is that now Trump is happy, assured that this good act will be remembered, when a biggest power says that this should mean a lot.

I believe that during such pandemic, national emergency should be declared. All must speak in one voice, there is no room for politics now. When Rahul Gandhi can not speak in the best of times, he must hold back his ‘ wisdom’ to himself now, in this national crisis. One thing more, my suggestion is that Govt. may concentrate that Muslims, especially those from lower section of society must be carried along, instill a confidence that in every sense of the term India is equally there country also. Political forces , nationally and internationally, hostile to the interest of India, misleading them in the name of distorted version of Islam. Some among those have misled them to use tablique jamat, to sabotage and spread corona in India. We are blessed with Shahrukh, salmon, and Amir Khan, Muslim Industrialists, academicians , bureaucrats who may be brought in to tackle the misled group. I am afraid that those have been alienated somewhere down the line. We must mend.

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