Don’t mistake me, I am a great admirer of Modiji. By any account, he is a great leader, both nationally and internationally. Also, a great communicator, he has established himself as a world leader. Next time you may watch intently when he is standing in the row with world leaders, his and others’ body language on the platform, shows he enjoys a commanding position. But I am unhappy with his communal Bhakatas, always humiliating the Muslims.

Nobody is more hindu than me, I am a Hindu a Brahmin with all its identities . I worship Lakhmi, saraswati, Brahma, Bishnu, Gayatri, and Saibaba also. I invoke the blessings of all these Gods and Goddesses, and truely, they bless me. A call arising deep within me , asks me to write this article, and accordingly I respond.

My point is that his bhaktas, costantly humiliate minorities, especially Muslims. Bhakatas use abusive words which is so bad. Everybody does mistake, whenever Muslims does ( like Tabliquis) they are condemned in a disproportionate terms, even extra-judicially . I hate this.

One must understand Indian culture and history. People from many culture from many parts of the world, came to India, mingled and formed one composite culture and made the body of India. You can not reject any, if you do , you are harming India. It is like blood that flows in our veins; there is in it many components like vitamin, minerals, metals like sodium, potassium, zinc etc etc. Each religion , language, caste creed are like those vitamins/ proteins/ minerals in humans body. Do you remember when you/ your friend last visited your doctor for sickness, and blood test done, doctor said weakness was due to lack of sodium/ potassium etc, and recommended to take a lot of costly medicine. Similarly, when you throw away your Muslim or christian neighbor, you are weakening the physical body of India, thus weakening India.

I am exasperated whenever bhaktas humiliates other religion. BJP leaders of higher status are also equally guilty of this sin but people ignore that thinking it has not come from Modi. BJP and Govt is known by Modi. Every time I wonder why Modi do not come up to correct and castigate his followers. His non-appearance gives the public the credence that he has his passive support.

Now, correction is coming from outside, from forces which India can not ignore. One emboldened bhaktas working in Dubai, name Sanjay Upadhayya, made a derogatory comment on Muslim women. This time there was no mistake, it caught the attention of one UAE princess, and she blasted saying that they will expel such people from their country. Immediately, Modiji, tweeted taking away the venom from the comment of Upadhayya. The ‘ hero’ , Upadhayya, came to his senses, withdrawn his comment, and closed his account.

But my understanding is that some organised forces has taken up the cause of Muslim, to stop this regular humiliation , working towards pressurizing Modi Govt to take action to discourage this Bhaktas. It is nature’s way that weak and disadvantaged under pressure find way to increase its strength, and overpower the unfair force. I BELIEVE IN GOD AND HIS FAIRNESS.

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An online seller of books. Lives in Mumbai and Kolkata.