Law makers should live simple lives, away from splendors.

A recent news item attracted my attention—that new LS members won’t have the luxury of transit accommodation at 5 -star hotels, which has been the norm, so far. This cost the Govt Rs 9000/10000, per person per day; in 2014 it cost the Govt Rs 30 crores. I welcome this new decision. This can happen only in Modi’s  regime. In my opinion, Our all law-makers who represent us, should lead a simple life, like the average Indian does, otherwise, how they would understand the pains of common people, how they can properly legislate.

I would go  one step further, they should use every day public transport, which will help them understand what common people go through. There are plethora of cases, where our representatives in the parliament  enjoy hundreds of benefits which common men pay for , on their behalf,  through their  taxes– half fed , unfed included.  Sometime back, there were widespread protests in the facebook on the issue of cheapest food they enjoy in parliament canteen. By spending Rs 50/- they can enjoy sumptuous meals, while many poor countrymen cannot get two square meals a day….I know, what I am saying here no breaking news, but this a fact. This facility must be taken away from the MPs, like the 5-star facility, above.

Our MPs should live the quality of life, like the poorest and the deprived, otherwise how they can legislate for the interest of the masses. They send their own children to foreign countries for education—then  why they should bother for poor quality of education at home???. They go to Europe/ America, for medical treatment—then why should they bother for poor quality public  hospital, and non-availability of medicine, or abundance of spurious drugs, in their home country????.

Many of our MPs are there for pomp and pleasures only, are from royal families, their feeling for the poor is only lip-service. There are other kind also, who relentlessly speaks for the poor, ultimately, end up wealthy themselves. I have a strong belief, as soon as you stop disproportionate benefits going to them, only passionate public welfare minded people will be there, others will leave thestage. This would be a full-proof filter, keeping away the unworthy.

Modi being sincere and honest to the core, can do it by taking all corrective measures, because he is from bottom layer, lived through pains, deprivation, humiliation of common folk , and above all, lives a simple life. I am his avid supporter, only that he must see that his people must not discriminate against any people on the basis of religion, food habits….there of course, is another leader, who truly represents common people’s  life wearing Hawai- chappal and white saree, but for her there is a great problem, that she does not have any other quality  required by a true leader. Are you wondering who she might be? Guess it. One more clue, she is from my home state.



Believe me my dear friend, I am desperately waiting for a time when artificial intelligence, will take over public service, healthcare, two among many others, from the present agencies. For a country like ours , laden with 135 crore people, riddled with corruption, & to top it all , managed by inefficient workforce, the helpless citizen live a miserable life tinged with humiliation. People groan under pain but none around to listen to them, general public live a life of indignity and desperation. Only the richest remains unaffected, for ,they send their children to  foreign countries for education, they need not bother for the masses. When diseased, they visit developed countries for their healthcare, they do not bother for the long queues of patients in Govt Hospitals. One reason for this, is that resources are scarce, and not enough for a huge population of 135 crore of our people. In this scenario, AI will make the present system multi fold efficient and certainly, improve the service…….. My concern has been answered –although partially, in an article in TOI article from which I draw excerpt, and reproduce here for easy reference—

“Email comes with filters and smart replies; maps and ride sharing apps use AI in route planning and pricing; online retailers use AI to understand your preferences and buying habits so they personalise your shopping experience. Music streaming sites provide AI-curated personalised playlists, and the 24-hour customer helpdesk you use online probably doesn’t have a human at the other end.

As voice and facial recognition continue to evolve, machine learning algorithms are getting more capable than ever. Deep neural networks now give AI the ability to learn – moving from doing tasks to solving problems independent of subsequent instructions.

There is understandable fear that AI will cause disruption and take away jobs. Policy makers will need to address this given already existing concerns about rising unemployment. IDC predicts that by 2024, half of structured and repeatable tasks will be automated in workplaces, and 20% of knowledge workers will have AI-infused software or a digitally connected technology as a co-worker. According to a McKinsey report, job profiles characterised by repetitive activities could experience the largest decline as a share of total employment from 40% to around 30% by 2030.

Policy makers will have to show bold leadership, and companies will have to address the mammoth task of skilling and reskilling people to work with AI. Individuals will need to adjust to a new world in which job turnover could be more frequent as they transition to new types of employment, and the likely necessity to continually refresh and update their skills to match a dynamically changing job market.

Being among the world’s fastest growing major economies, India must ready itself for the AI onslaught. Last June Niti Aayog released a paper arguing that India can position itself as a leader in AI and coined the term #AIforAll. Niti Aayog directs India’s AI focus on five sectors: healthcare, agriculture, education, smart cities and infrastructure, and smart mobility and transportation. The paper underlines the need for privacy and security including evolving norms for regulation and anonymisation of data.

According to a LinkedIn report, India ranks third after the US and China with the highest penetration of AI skills among its workforce.

Besides the productivity and efficiency advantages AI brings in, there is also the moral dimension of machines smart enough to make decisions. Machine learning algorithms are building personality profiles on every human being. AI algorithms can learn your behaviour, and before you know it, they know you better than you know yourself. Nobel Laureate Joseph Stiglitz says: “Artificial intelligence and robotisation have the potential to increase the productivity that could make everybody better off, but only if they are well-managed.” Stiglitz makes a distinction between AI that replaces workers and AI that helps people do their jobs better.

Amongst the better uses of machine learning is the interpretation of medical data: for some kinds of cancers and other disorders computers are already better than humans at spotting the dangerous patterns in a scan. Researchers at New York’s Icahn School of Medicine have used AI to scour electronic health records from 7,00,000 patients to predict disease risk factors for 78 diseases ‒ so successfully that doctors now turn to the system to help diagnose illnesses.

On the other hand, China’s use of machine learning for political repression has gone well beyond surveillance cameras. A recent report from a government thinktank praised the software’s power to “predict the development trajectory for internet incidents, pre-emptively intervene in and guide public sentiment to avoid mass online public opinion outbreaks, and improve social governance capabilities”.

Last year saw the conceptual boundaries of AI pushed further. Google’s Deep Mind built a machine that can teach itself the rules of games and after two or three days of concentrated learning, beat every human and every other computer player there has ever been. So a machine capable of learning so fast, it can conquer all. Elon Musk warned of the need of some regulatory oversight on AI at a national or international level just to make sure humans don’t do something very foolish. As he put it, “With AI we’re summoning the devil.”

There is no doubt AI will transform society, and there is a big need to safeguard against improper use. Creating ethical AI will take more than just intent. It will require far greater collaboration between industry, governments and technology experts. By working with experts, regulators can put in place standards that protect us while ensuring AI can augment humans safely, so that we can continue to reap the potential of these smart machines and not be subservient to them.”



After slamming ‘Chhath’, Raj Thackeray accepts invite for chat. ( from TOI)

Democracy is the best form of Govt, where leaders get position and their livelihood , and by extension many other things, from the votes given by citizens. If voters are unhappy with the leaders, they wont be there anymore. Raj had done many unfair and illegal thing to the north Indians, trampled their rights what constitution guaranteed them. Votes have made him to amend what various institutions of the society, could not…….. Now, 2019 election is knocking at the door, Raj require vote, he has come to appease Chhath puja devotees. It looks democracy–however deficient in quality, has its uses to cure many ills. In this respect TOI report reproduced here, which may come up for use as references in future. Its educative also.

———————-After Shiv Sena president Uddhav Thackeray announced that he would be visiting Ayodhya on November 25, his cousin and has accepted an invitation from the Uttar Bharatiya Maha Panchayat   , a social outfit of the north Indian community, for an interactive session with representatives of the community in Kandivli on December 2. Raj’s acceptance of the invite was made public by MNS general secretary Sandeep Deshpande in a tweet on Monday.

Vinay Dube, national president of the Maha Panchyat in his letter to Raj Thackeray stated that a few leaders were trying to fuel clashes between the Marathi ‘manoos’ and the north Indian community in order to draw political mileage. The aim of the interactive session was to clear the air among both communities in order to maintain social harmony and understand the views of the MNS chief on north Indians, Dube stated in the letter.

The move is being seen as MNS’s bid to shed its antinorth Indian image and woo non-Marathi voters ahead of the 2019 Lok Sabha and assembly polls, especially after the rival Sena’s chief Uddhav decided to press for the Ram temple in Ayodhya by visiting the temple town.

Mumbai Regional Congress Committee president Sanjay Nirupam demanded that Raj Thackeray first apologise to the north Indian community for attacks on its youths in the recent past. Raj Thackeray’s supporters had beaten up north Indian youths in Kalyan when they had come to attend railway board exams in November 2003. At that time Raj was in the Shiv Sena. Later, as MNS chief, he strongly opposed the ‘chhat puja’ organised in the city. In another incident, MNS cadres had beaten up taxi drivers from the north Indian community in Dadar in 2008.

The MNS’s latest move was just an attempt to gain political traction ahead of elections, claimed Uttar Bharatiya Sangh, another social outfit of north Indians. “The event is nothing but an attempt at fulfilling political ambitions. Interacting with a few people would not help to change the MNS’s image from the minds of members of the north Indian community. The Maha Panchyat does not represent the entire north Indian community. People will not accept the MNS,” said Sanjay Singh, president of the Uttar Bharatiya Sangh’s Yuva Morcha.

Who responsible for Dussera punjab rail accident???

It is sad that so many people are dead in the rail accident in Punjab, on the day of dussera. In such cases , my mind runs to the wife, children, and other dependent, whether bread earner dies at LOC or on the rail track due to their negligence. I have my sympathy for the dead people.

But I do not forget to become rational also, because  emotion cannot help you to be in any responsible position. My heart breaks to say that those died did not follow the safety rules those Railway cry hoarse day and night 24 hours. Railway tracks are protected area, its Rail’s own area, there rail may run train any train at any part of the day at any speed, and if in that course trains run over any body, rail is no way to blame. I do not understand how some people may blame the railways as ‘to ‘ why train was running at such high speed?’, ‘ why they did not repeatedly and loudly whistle?’, and many other questions like this. Actually, as a nation we are not taught safety rules. This sort of happening is just because of this negligence. I fear–GREAT GOD FORGIVE, will keep on happening.

Don’t condemn the railways, point out the fault of unfortunate people who paid with their life. Let the nation learn, what ignoring safety rules, means ultimately. FINALLY, PRAY DONT BLAME THE RAILWAYS FOR THIS DUSSERA RAIL ACCIDENT. ALSO , SHOW THE PEOPLE IN GENERAL WHAT IT MEANS TO BREAK THE SAFETY RULES. THEN NO MORE SUCH UNFORTUNATE DEATH WILL EVER OCCUR AFTERWARDS.


Drinking Amul-milk, is safe ???

It  is a common knowledge that non-branded Milk that we consume, is adulterated, with detergent and other adulterants. Only a few days back, in Mumbai, a truck load of milk was seized, and found to be containing undesired elements. This milk was destroyed. It was reported that the said milk , on consumption, may damage your heart, kidney.

Periodically, we hear this news of severe milk adulteration. Every time I become scared, worry that the Amul milk, I consume daily–what about this??–is this also contaminated ??? not wholly impossible in our corruption ridden society. I love to believe chances are less in the case of Amul, or such High class brand, which under the leadership V. Kurien, brought the white revolution in India.

Once Before when I confronted a news of milk adulteration, I connected the PRO of Amul Milk dairy in Gujrat, to know whether there milk was OK. They denied, but I told them they should in the face of such reports of adulteration, should periodically, inform the public about their maintenance of right quality, which will remove fear from the mind of crores of people like me who are consuming Amul milk, daily, believing that it is really nutritious and safe. They did not care. Have you ever seen Amul-milk, ever done such program?? In the midst of spate of reports of widespread milk adulteration, Amul keeps mum. Does this mean Amul has nothing to say ?……. if so, there is room for doubt.

I shall send my article to the mail ID of Amul milk manufacturers in Gujrat. If you–the reader, are convinced by my argument, I request you also to ask Amul to periodically, make TV programs to assure us that  their milk is safe.

Thanking you for reading my blog.


Yesterday, read a news that some Maoists are caught in Puna, who were planning to harm the life of Modiji, our Prime Minister. Another news item that followed, that Hafeez Saeed saying that Modi will be harmed, and India will be disintegrated. Clearly, there is an international conspiracy against the security of Modiji and India. Our security forces should not take it lightly, they need to boost the security for PM, by 1000%.
Clearly at home , there is sharp political differences. Nothing is bad about it in a democracy; sharper the differences, better will be the emerging product of democracy. Also, I understand, religious card may  be played to win elections– in a democracy this is also accepted, waiting for the voters to finally reject/accept it. BUT I HAVE A FEAR. Religious polarization has gone too far already, requires immediate healing. WE CAN’T WAIT ANY MORE.
 It is true that our expectation is high on our demands, and it is often not met, but we have to admit that India is progressing fast ahead to the envy of our enemy, Pakistan. Intellectual debates between economists, educationists, writers, in Pak TV and press , praises India’s progress and PM, Modi, and on comparison, fiercely condemns their own Govt, Pakistan and Nawaj. Further there is China-Pakistan nexus, hostile forces getting stronger. Russia is not also in our favor. American president Trump is eccentric, almost similar to North Korean President. Taken everything together is an ideal explosive mix. In this background, we at home cannot take much risk on strategies to win elections. We have to become far more  religiously tolerant true to our Indian culture. OTHERWISE, I HAVE A FEAR. I cannot forget the scenes I saw in Tv where thousands of Syrians running away from their homes, getting drowned in Mediterranean sea; those saved ended up in European jails, only a few got western citizenship and saved their life. Misery upon misery upon misery, why to start at all!!!
    REALLY, I HAVE A FEAR, who will assuage my fear????.

Laptop charging on bed explodes on user’s face

 SOURCE–TOI DATED 30.05.2018, PAGE-2, OF MUMBAI EDITION] Many of us has this practice because it looks innocuous, but it is not always so. Nishant Kedia, a resident of Ranchi,  had to pay for  leaving his laptop on charging mode while he slept. It so happened that the gadget exploded near his face and left him with life-threatening burns.  He suffered 50% burns, parts of kedia’s ears, nose and elbow bones were destroyed. He suffered serious respiratory burns as well, also required prolonged intensive care  with ventilator support. He suffered a stroke that led to a reduction of his heart function 15%.


Facebook/ Twitter account are being hacked—Beware!!!

Today, I am panicked. I unexpectedly stumbled upon a news item that Facebook/ twitter accounts ( read for yourself– are being hacked. Then they change the username and password, thus take those away from the owners—may be you, may be me. Motivated stories are being sent to their contacts. This is nightmarish to me , you and anybody. In such a situation, correcting the damage done is beyond our control, and sometimes beyond our knowledge it may happen. Those username and passwords are sold to unscrupulous also. The buyers may be fraudsters, terrorists and God knows what!! Many misdeeds will be carried in our name.

Compared to number of people use the social media, very few are expert in information technology, and also not very careful, and naive to maintain secrecy as to their username /password .  Many of us use the same password  for all the accounts so that those could be remembered later. Those passwords are also often too simple to remember, and hence may be guessed by the others. By extension, imagine the embarrassment of people like me who often mix up digits of his own mobile number, forget about remembering other details.  I cannot remember the name of my friends, I can talk to people on serious matter for hours together, yet don’t remember and know their name, and for fear of being discovered I do not dare to ask their name. God only knows how many times a day I lose my spectacle !!!!!!!!!!! Such is my forgetfulness, how I remember an uncommon passwords??? i have handed over the responsibility of remembering those to my grand daughter who assists me always, she is great in this respect. I tried a lot of Brenolia and nux-vomica but did not work……

Now, my mind goes to an incident a few years back. Once suddenly I got a mail from one of my email contacts who was a wealthy doctor from Delhi, that he was stuck in a remote place in Italy, that he was in dire needs of money, and if I could send him money….. I got surprised that doctor of his wealth, could ask money from an ordinary man like me. On my making query, a common friend told me it had to be a fake mail, and I had better ignored, and finally I ignored and relived myself. It is clear that it was an embarrassing situation for the doctor , that too, beyond his knowledge. What happens to whom and when, no one knows, should it happen at all to any, give a call to the affected and confirm.  I am really scared.



Re examination of CBSE  clas XII ( Economics), Class X ( Mathematics)

My Granddaughter thought that now it is time for relax, and preparing to leave for Kolkata, to enjoy summer vacation with her friends, near and dear ones there. Within hours of finishing the exam, she learnt that her Maths question paper had leaked, and she has to reappear for the examination. Imagine her dismay, she is highly demoralized. Maths is her dreaded subject, and through joining coaching classes and working hard, she did well. She did ninety percent correct, and we along with her, were hoping that at last everything good in abundance was going to follow. She is demoralized. CBSE board is squarely responsible for this, there failure to do their duty properly, brought this harassment to innocent candidates.

She is reluctant to reappear, she along with others written to the board to cancel proposed re-examination, already signatories reached more than 30,000. As news suggests, CBSE and GOI, has ordered investigation to find out the guilty. This is a step in the right direction. Authority may expedite the measure, and fix guilty students and locate their centres, and compel  them, only them, and nothing but them,  to reappear in the exam, and those unconnected, and not took advantage of  question leak, may be spared this harassment from re-examining. HOPE, AUTHORITY IS LISTENING.