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Like every year, this year also Milon Mancha, has organised Vijaya sanmilani, in a grand style which only Milon Mancha can do. The event organised in KALPATARU SPARKLE in Bandra. Like every occasion, this also was made possible by Sri Rudra Mondal, and Sharmistha. Whole cultural  event was of high standard, and action packed for four hours , by accomplished artists, mostly professional. The event anchored by Sri Sujoy sen. In between we were treated with tea, cold drinks, nadu, nimki etc of course followed by a great dinner……. There was song, dance, drama. To have the full impact of  events, just look at those above photos.

Like every year, the venue of the program was arranged by Mrs Renu swamy, and Mr Mohan swamy, her husband. Its a matter of sadness that Mr Mohan swamy is no more with us, he left us during the puja days itself, for the destination, where all of us destined to go sooner or later. This is eternal truth. We wont forget his care and love for others, and everything good in life. Mrs Renu, a person of steel frame of mind, was always available, to help and care for others even in these difficult days of her. We bow down to her devotion to duty, and sense of responsibility. We won’t forget Mr Mohan, even though he is in his eternal abode of happiness.

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Clean India–Modi leads from the front.

This is really a different man, you may like him or not. I do not say that it was all previously unplanned, rather very much planned. But you can not deny his commitment to the purpose, no other leader in his place would do the same. He wants to clean India, setting examples of himself, by picking up empty cans, litters on the sea shore, and putting the garbage collection bag on his shoulder in a rag pickers style-(- I wonder how many opposite things a PM of a country has to keep track of –cleaning, china, terrorism, trump and what not!!!, thank God, I am not a PM!!!) . So many people of the country is imbibing his style on sea shore, roads , towns and villages. I am sure no other leader with the ambition of ruling India would work so steadfast, and hard to apply himself to clean India. Let us adore him… I have already started carrying a cloth bag in my pocket so that I don’t need any plastic bag from the shops. By this I am doing my duty, about you???–I do not think you have improved.

His above picture of a rag picker, together with his tea selling past, makes a great statement of dignity of labour. It teaches a lot to Indians who hates the poor, and menial job the poor do. He has taught us that ‘ work is worship’ by living the example.

In India a free and open discourse, has become impossible. Many will conclude from above that I am a blind and bought supporter Of Modi–no, I am not, in fact, nobody should. Yet I believe at the moment he is the best leader in the country. But that does not mean, there are only successes, no failures, but there are no leaders who could do any better, in balance, he is the best possible leader. Only bad thing about him is that, he must work utmost to restore the confidence of Muslim population, especially at lower level…. his blind supporters at the grass root level has done a lot of mischief toward Muslims who are poor, illiterate and deprived. This only tarnishes his image.

I Hate ARNAB GOSWAMI, the TV anchor


I wonder what does anchor, Arnab Goswami do on the TV. Often , he conducts various interviews by calling in important people on the panel for the debate, in his ‘ Republic channel’ . Generally the debate is on important issues, he appears to be nakedly campaigning for Modi Govt in an unbalanced way. There is nothing bad if he campaigns for the Govt, for that matter, any Govt. In fact, myself, a 70% supporter of the present Govt, and believe in my bones that there is no better leader than Modi today. But nauseating is the way he conducts the interview. First negative thing about him is that he calls in people not for interview, but lecturing and scolding them. He mocks, ridicules and makes fun of them. In a word, he produces in me a disgust.
After abrogation of article 390, and 35A of Indian constitution, there is a huge curiocity, both within and outside, the country. It is natural because there has been tectonic shift in geo-political situation so far it concerns India, and Pakistan, due to summary annexation of Kashmir, which has taken away the handle of Kashmir from Pakistan, to destabilize India . There are topics supposing to be analytical in nature in Arnab Goswami’s Republic TV channel, which is actually not. Being attracted by the topics, and the personalities of Pakistan appearing, I often want to listen to them, but it is impossible watching through the interviews till end, every time I break off in the middle, and switch channels…again come back, again switch channels. It is irritating to watch his programme, and him talking. His manners are uncivilized. He humiliates those whom he disagrees with. Most of the time he himself does the talking, what the panelists want to say, we can not know of. This is not journalism.
All Pakistanis are not bad. A host of Pakistani intellectuals day and night praising Modi and his honesty, India, our education, industry, our achievement in scientific technology, endlessly…… their army, administration , clergy is decisively bad, certainly, they have vested interests which they pursue.
Pakistan is a failed state, their industrial and economic development are poor; in near future, there is no hope of any improvement either. Their only issue is Kashmir, Kashmir has exhausted them already, and they will die with it, Kargil and terrorism, reduced them to a pauper, lost reputation in the world, and financially bankcraft. ……but all these does not authorize Arnab Goswami to humiliate and abuse intellectual Pakistani people on the TV screen and in public. Do you remember, how he humiliated Aparna sen on the TV screen???. Somebody in the Govt rise and defang him.
I like, Pronoy Roy, Barkha Dutt, Rajat sharma, Ravish kumar, Rajdeep sardesai, Karan Thapar, Rahul Kanwal etc but how this man–Arnab Goswami, has come into the scene? He is bringing bad reputation to journalism in India. What is your opinion???

Modi’s diplomacy, article 370 and Pakistan.

Pakistan is again slapped at UNSC. Their request to have a special meeting of security council, in order to condemn India for unilaterally abrogating article 370 and 35A, was rejected, saying that it is only to be bi-laterally resolved. This has been India’s stand all through. All world has vindicated India’s stand. Our representative has become a hero at UNSC.[


All the credit should go to Modi, he deserves it. He is a new man in PM’s position. He moved all over the world earlier, to convince world leaders of India’s position, in regard to Pakistan. Indian leaders who are in the opposition are aeons behind him in thought, action, determination, and philosophy. While he was winning over world leaders, one after other, the opposition leaders were doing circus in the country, and was criticising  him accusing  that he was pleasure-touring the world. Modi’s world diplomacy cornered Pakistan today, Pakistan is alone and derelict. He is a master leader that the country has not been accustomed to, so far .

He is not tied down by convention, and meaningless procedure. He made Jaysankar, a bureaucrat, not a politician, as the foreign minister. This Jaysankar was India’s ambassador to America, china, France, UK, and also have personal contacts with important leaders of the world. He played a great role in convincing the world of India’s position. Naming him as the foreign minister, goes to the credit of Modi. Syed Akrabuddin, our permanent representative to UNO played a great role, in pushing through India’s case, as always. His being a Muslim, is another cap in Modi’s cap. My suggestion is that bring forth many more such Muslim leaders, and put them in position who will fight resolutely India’s case.

This will bring SAVKA BISWASH, especially to the  minority of Muslims from lower status of society, who complains 24×7, that present Govt is not secular. This will stitch together, and help integration of India.

His leadership made India safe and secured in the world. Terrorism will soon be a thing of the past. Thanks for reading.




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HORROR IN WEST BENGAL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

West Bengal is in the state of turmoil, there are rampant lawlessness, murders , women harassment and many horror stories to  tell the world. There is no longer any breaking news, for , those are seen to be normal–these are routine everyday happenings in West Bengal, commons don’t utter any words for fear. It serves nobody except politically selfish people, criminals, and also news channels which keep them busy 24X7, I wonder how else those would find their work from !!!!.

It is true, crimes exist in every society from times immemorial.  But here is some difference. They do crimes fearlessly, somewhere in their consciousness, they are sure that they will not be caught. Mantra is like that if you vote for me, I don’t need to see what are you doing for the rest of the time, police and social institutions will be properly taken care of .

Only two days back, at ‘ exide more’ in Kolkata, several criminally bent youths in a motor bike accosted USHOSHI SENGUPTO , a former MISS INDIA, who was travelling back home in a UBER TAXI , at 11-00 PM in the night. She was harassed, driver was beaten; immediately before this their motor cycle, collided against a taxi, but remained wholly careless about it as they were after their next target. When USHOSHI challenged [–she must have been an intelligent and courageous beauty!], and videoed them at that crucial moment, criminals were making fun of  her, this is signature a story of culture, values and administrative laxity of the state, at least as it exists in current situation. At this moment, there is widespread political violence in Bhatpara—it is refusing to die down even after a month of election.  Bombs, shoot –outs causing deaths of innocents regularly, even funeral processions are not spared.

Clearly administration has collapsed, it is running away from action, trying to hide its face behind lies, weak and false propaganda which can easily be seen through. True, it is alleged that opposition forces interested to wrest power, from present Govt, have some direct and indirect involvement, but then it is not wholly unexpected in the unfair world we live, existing power must have the administrative capacity to pulverize them, otherwise one do not have authority to remain in power. It is all about politics, if you are in kitchen you must bear the heat, otherwise, vacate the seat of power, it is not the place for you anymore. It is duty of the Govt to provide peaceful life to the common man at any cost.

In balance, WB Govt has to be bailed out of dying condition by helping it improve its administration, or , president’s rule should  be imposed. Central Govt has also a role to play, even if law is a state subject. Thank you for reading.


This is not a political article, this is only an analysis of human traits. I have a  premonition that Prashant Kishore, the poll strategist who has been hired by TMC, will leave half way through, before assembly election, 2021, leaving behind his job incomplete. This is my forecast. If somehow, I am proved wrong, and really she fares better, she will have reformed herself in the process before the targeted election. Her recent failure is because of herself only, she listens to herself, none else. If she were amenable to reasons she would have heard  her own men in her party, and would not have done many follies in public. And this was evident to any man of ordinary prudence.

During the last election campaign, she uttered so many things, which cannot be washed off as an election strategy, this revealed her lack of sophistication, poor strategy, and wrong idea about the people around. She did not understand what she did and said, but public at large understood her well.

She did a good thing to remove the leftist Govt of 34 years, but the reason was not her excellence, but the weight of nuisance values of her TMC.  Voters were in search of an escape route from left rule,  she provided one. Long exposure brought her inside out, a bad administrator.

She has done a good thing in hiring Prashant kishore, the poll strategist, after her debacle. He proved well with Modi, Neetish Kumar, but did poorly with Rahul, congress president. In my opinion, Mamata and Rahul have the same content– only add some crudeness to Rahul, you will get Mamata.  Prashant kishore  will undoubtedly give good advice, perhaps other members in her own party, will understand the usefulness of those advice, but can they implement those without sanction of Mamata ?, I think not. She believes in her crude style of functioning, will trash those sane ones as useless…. [ ..while writing this I see a news item in television before me informing that she won’t be attending a Governing council of India’s policy think tank NITI Aayog, scheduled for 15 June. ( ???????) ]….. I remember a saying of a seer that you can learn only what you know  already; you can not learn what you do not know already. The quantum of knowledge that you have already which I am talking of, depends upon your birth, family culture, and education beyond books, that you had.

I am willing to live under a dictator, if he or she  knows a lot, unselfish, caring and loving. His or her Govt would be better than even the best of the democracies. But yet why we think democray is the best form of Govt?—answer is simple, that we do not get  such good men/women to make such good dictator. There are destructive vices in all of us, as soon as one reaches the position of control without fear of opposition, vices raises their hood which only the voices of the opposition can cut down.

She is arrogant, dictatorial, and therefore, won’t listen to , Prasant Kumar , the well-known poll strategist, I fear it will crack at the joint. If I am proved wrong , and TMC improves electorally in next assembly election, that will mean that she has changed herself out and out. I wish she changes herself, and wins the next election… Today she already admitted that TMC lost Singur because of their own failure, no longer blamed EVM machine. We have not seen such sanity in her. I hope this mode continues with her. West Bengal is in doldrums, needs a Chief Minister with sanity.




We may like it or not, the age of artificial intelligence, is upon us, even in a country of 135 crores, where unemployment is a constant problem.  With this thought  in my mind, a recent news that Axis bank evaluating the performance of their candidate  during recruitment, on the basis of artificial intelligence; required software was bought from Microsoft. The AI here analyzed, and determined the confidence level, happiness, hypocrisy  from the videographed interview. Candidates’ visual expression, eye movement etc was read by the AI, for the selection of the candidates. Human biases of the interviewer, cannot interfere, in this process.

Any common man in our society, from his day to day experience of living , is well aware that a man in our public service, cannot be so good as to attend to others’ needs in fair and honest way— there always are biases aplenty, inefficiency, carelessness, and , of course, human limitations. All go to cause dereliction of duty to the people of the society.

There are examples to cite. Nobody, want Railway accidents to happen, but yet then those keep happening with lakhs of people in employment, and it is because there are limitations  of human being, their failure.  Govt, is seriously thinking to apply  AI to increase the safety level of passengers. I believe anybody will like it because this will save life of fellow citizens.

AI is already being employed in healthcare. Some cancer –diagnosing,  which took 7/8 months previously, now is done through AI in a matter of week in our Tata center, Mumbai. Our healthcare system is unable to care for 135 crores people that we have. There is no personalized treatment, only block treatment, of course it is impossible in this country of teeming millions to do anything otherwise with the existing system. There is not enough number of doctors and paramedical staff; even those whom we have, in my opinion , mostly not efficient for the purpose. Who knows how many people die due to human errors in the course of receiving medical treatment? It is a luxury to ask this question where doctors are thought to be demi-God!!!. When I visit a hospital, I often see crowds of poor patients groaning under pain, with no medical staff around. I become sad to see the indignity of human living. Application of AI in healthcare will alleviate it. Modi Govt, has come back with a large majority in Govt, can take measures towards this.

Just not medical field, AI should be applied  in all matter of public service. When I am writing this article, there is no water supply in my area, it is so for last one month. Common man do not know what to do. Ideally, local municipality authority has to look into it, and find a way out for the public, but he cannot be located, even if he could be found out, it would be difficult to get him around to do the work. I look forward to the day when AI will note the problem of common man, take it through all the levels of administration to the Minister in charge instantly, fix accountability in terms of existing rules and procedures, in transparent manner. In this existing opaque and blocked system, the meager wealth of the nation owned by 135 crores , is usurped by those who are already wealthy, powerful and advantaged, leaving behind little or none. Developing AI will make the system of administration transparent, and ultimately an equal society. This present Govt can do it.


Actually, this is a collection item from whats-app, some unknown friend has forwarded. I read and re-read it, frankly, it has impressed me, and found suitable to collect and store for future reference. I shall advise my grand daughter, who is presently, a student of class-XII, to read it.

The story here describes the struggle of a common man who has come to top most position. My stress is  on struggle aspect of life. If any young man reads it seriously, he will be able to face any hurdle in life, never break under pressure in adverse situations which is common in life, almost nobody can by -pass adverse situations in their marathon race of life.

I am sure some of those who will read it, brand me as a Modi-bhakt. The tragedy is that in this country, on the streets, free discourse is no more possible, it has become fully binary in nature–either a Modi-bhakt ot anti-Modi. Whoever you are, I am sure, you cant give your free opinion, especially, if it involves political men. In my above story I found Mod’s  story deeply convincing, an ideal piece to learn for a school student. At the end, I must say that one should speak his mind, without fear of what others will comment at you, and I have just done that. May be, if I said this in a kolkata street, I would be beaten up for praising a story who happens to be Modi’s life story also. That’s why I poured it down in my blog, nobody can stop me here at least. Now, If you like the story , please read on…….

My family of 8 lived in a 40×12 feet house – it was small, but enough for us. Our days began early, around 5 AM when my mother would provide traditional forms of curing and healing to newborns and small children. Through the night my brother and I would take turns to keep the ‘chula’ going for her to use. She didn’t have the fortune of getting an education, but God was kind and she had a special way of curing ailments. Mothers would line up outside our house every morning because she was known for her healing touch.

Then, I would open my father’s tea stall at the railway station, clean up and head off to school. As soon as school ended, I would rush back to help him, but what I really looked forward to was meeting people from all over the country. I would serve them tea and listen to their stories – that’s how I learnt to speak Hindi. I would hear some traders speak about ‘Bambai’ and wonder, ‘Will I ever get to see the city of dreams?’

I was always curious – I would go to the library and read everything I could get my hands on. I was 8 when I attended my first RSS meeting, and 9 when I was a part of an effort for the betterment of the lives of others – I set up a food stall with my friends to help the victims of the floods in parts of Gujarat. I wanted to do more, but I was aware that we had little means.

Still, even at that age, I strongly believed that God has made us all alike. It didn’t matter what circumstances I was born into, I could be something more. So when you ask me, what my struggles were, I’ll tell you that I had none. I came from nothing, I knew no luxury and hadn’t seen a ‘better’ life, so in my small world…I was happy.

If the way was ever difficult, I made my own way. I had a great need to look sharp and groomed. So, even though we couldn’t afford an iron, I would heat some coal, use an old ‘lota’, wrap a cloth around it and press my clothes – the effect was the same, then why complain?

This was the beginning of everything that I am today and I didn’t even know it at the time. So if you ask the 8 year old Narendra Modi, running around serving chai and cleaning his father’s tea stall, whether he even dared to dream about becoming the Prime Minister of India, his answer would be no. Never. It was too far to even think about.

While growing up, I had a lot of curiosity but very little clarity. I would see army men in their uniforms and think that this was the the only way to serve the country. But as my conversations with the saints and sadhus at the railway station grew deeper, I realised that this too was a world worth discovering.

I was undecided, unguided and unclear — I didn’t know where I wanted to go, what I wanted to do and why I wanted to do it. But all I knew, was that I wanted to do something. So I surrendered myself to God and left for the Himalayas at the age of 17. I bid goodbye to my parents as my mother gave me a sweet dish before I left and put a tilak on my forehead to bless my journey.

I went wherever God wanted to take me — it was an undecided period of my life but still, gave me so many answers. I sought to understand the world, to understand myself. I travelled far and wide, spent time at the Ramkrishna Mission, met sadhus and saints, stayed with them and began a discovery, inwards. I moved from place to place — I had no roof above my head, but still never felt more at home.

I would wake up during Brahma Mahurat, between 3 and 3:45 am, and take a bath in the freezing waters of the Himalayas, but still feel the warmth. I learnt that peace, oneness and Dhyan can be found, even in the simple sound of a waterfall. The sadhus I lived with taught me to align myself with the rhythm of the Universe.

So that’s what I did — I aligned and experienced revelations that help me till today. I realised that we’re all tied down by our thoughts and limitations. When you surrender and stand in front of the vastness — you know that you’re a small part of a large universe. When you understand that, any trace of arrogance you have in you melts and then life truly begins.

That’s when it all changed. After two years, I returned home with clarity and a guiding force to lead the way.

After coming back from the Himalayas, I knew that I wanted my life to be one that is lived in the service of others. Within a short span of returning, I left for Ahmedabad. It was my first brush with living in a big city – the pace of life was very different. I began my time there by occasionally helping my uncle at his canteen.

Eventually, I became a full time Pracharak of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh. There, I got the opportunity to interact with people from different walks of life and do a wide range of work. We all took turns to clean the RSS office, prepare tea and food for colleagues and clean utensils.

Life was rigorous and busy. But amidst all of my duties, I was determined to not let go of my learnings from the Himalayas. To ensure that this new phase of life didn’t take over the sense of peace that I achieved there, I decided to take out some time every year and introspect. It was my way of maintaining a balanced life.

Not many people know this, but I would go away for the 5 days of Diwali. Somewhere in a jungle – a place with only clean water and no people. I would pack enough food to last for those 5 days. There would be no radio’s or newspapers, and during that time, there was no TV or internet anyway. I would reflect – and the strength that this alone time gave me still helps me to handle life and its various experiences. People often asked me, ‘Who are you going to meet?’ And I would say, ‘मैं मुझसे मिलने जा रहा हूं।’

Which is why, I always urge everyone, especially my young friends, in the midst of your fast paced life and busy schedules, take some time off…think and introspect. It will change your perception – you will understand your inner self better. You will start living in the true sense of the word. It will also make you more confident and undeterred by what others say about you. All of these things will help you in times to come. So I just want each and every one of you to remember that you are special and that you don’t have to look outside for the light…it’s already within you.

spritual side of modi,

— Great Blessing of BHARAT Mata.

for, we Indians & the world

to have him as a PM of

the world largest Democracy.



Most striking of what I read in the newspaper today is this picture. The simplicity of his own home. Many of us–so called educated, cultured, would feel ashamed to be discovered living such simple life ourselves. We always see our friends trying desperately to live ostentatious life ( this is kind of fear) ; they decorate their home in artificial way to look gorgeous; they drape in costly clothes and wear ornaments  in public, even eat food  to show off their wealth , rather than taste and nourishment it brings to your body. I always hated it since my childhood and avoid those company, that’s why I am so much impressed by this simple picture, it has entered my heart. I hate  hypocrisy , I myself live a simple life away from this hypocrisy, and many castigate me saying I am a fool, backward and uncultured. Children should learn from this simplicity, they will grow up fearless. HYPOCRISY WEAKENS US FROM INSIDE.

Many will misinterpret me saying that I am a blind supporter of Modi. Although I support him, I am not a blind supporter of him, at all. I am a rational man. He is a true leader, perhaps will lead us for next 20 years. I sometimes am aghast when he is unable to control his workers when they lynch due to their religious bigotry, try to change people’s food habits. I learnt he is against Muslim politics, but not anti-Muslim. But it looks, at least for the present there is no alternative for India.


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