Human Meanness is in the bones–do not change with education/wealth.

After reaching the destination in a train journey, , the bedding-boy in an AC class train journey, frantically collect back the towels from the ‘elite’ passengers to check against the loss, because often some of those towels are skillfully stolen by the elite passengers, which is compensated by the bedding boy from his poor salary . Certainly it is meanness.

…………. Meanness, does not change with any amount of training. Generally with education, we are told, values of an individual grows but it does not,  in real life. The outward appearance of meanness changes with time but essentially remaining the same as that of a crude and rogue person. For those unpolished it is noticeable; with the polished not noticeable immediately. With education comes power –they learn gift of the gab, articulation, manipulation and sophistication . Nothing changes.
It is just not meanness, all other traits and inclinations of man at birth, remain unchanged throughout life. Sometimes you may see a man of eighth standard education is not much different, from a Master degree holder. It is only a difference in quantum of information mechanically collected in the course of education, happens;  traits, values and inclination does not change, remains the same what was at birth.
This is my experience. I am sure that many of you have also experienced the same. Many times in life I get shocked by the meanness especially of people at authority-position, those are vivid in my mind’s eye—sometimes I wonder does education as available to us is at all necessary? I am sure it sounds a little bit awkward but I can’t deny what I experienced. Similar is the case of corruption, here almost everybody is corrupt, some do  it in retail, others do it in wholesale, ultimately corrupt money parked in property. Have you noticed whenever there is a talk of linking Aadhar card to property, there is hue and cry inventing provocative logic to immobilize the particular move, and the corrupt are so omnipotent that they make honest half-fed/unfed also to dance to their tune. Corruption is institutionalized and accepted  so much so that if by magic power you remove the corruption completely for a month, whole administration of the country will collapse. What is interesting is that everybody condemns corruption, including those who meticulously practiced it throughout their working life.

About meanness, I will cite some examples. I was then young. I saw on my visit to an intimate friend’s house that their family used a looking mirror at home—on which ‘IR’ was written, it was the abbreviation for ‘ Indian Railway’. His father , a high official working in the Railways was a highly educated man—MA in English literature from Calcutta university. One thing to make a special note here is that a student of literature studies human being, good and bad of human life, appropriateness of human actions, values and interactions in society, and a Master degree in literature means he has studied the ultimate, and from him only good actions are expected. He should have been an exemplary/noble man instead.
Recently I have known an office master earning a high salary who personally collects all the residual biscuits/refreshment from the serving-tray of his office at the end of the day. Those were originally bought at office expenditure in the course of the day for the guests of her high office; she takes the said balance unused biscuits/refreshments, to her own home for her own family’s consumption. It shocked me thinking that just to gain Rs 50/60, she did this meanness!!!! In my judgement a low paid peon carrying these residual biscuits etc home could be forgiven though unfair.
I know another case where the high official fills petrol in his own petrol tank showing that she is filling the petrol tank of the office car, and makes the office to pay the bill. This meanness is not expected from a highly educated, high salaried man. You will agree such unfair behaviour is always to be condemned, but I may understand such meanness occurring under some compulsion by an under-privileged man/woman. But I shudder to think of meanness as shown above by educated, wealthy, holding authority-position. My conclusion is meanness does not change.
I am of the opinion that any amount of education or infusion of culture, cannot change a man what he was ‘gifted’ at birth—values/character/inclinations. My conclusion is that a person who has born with the meanness, it never changes-however much he might be educated.

Pandit Ravi sankar , the  sitar Maestro who is adored by the world, made her wife, Annapurna ( a great sitarist herself and daughter of his guru Ustad Alauddin Khan), stop playing sitar as she used to get more applause  from audience than Pandit Ravi Shankar himself, whenever they played together in musical concerts. Pandit Ravi shankar would be jealous of her. Their marriage was at stake. To save the marriage, Annapurna stopped playing sitar. ! don’t be astonished , meanness was at work even at that godly height. For more details read on–

meanness ratan tata
All over India and World Ratan Tata was known to be God. I revere him. But with spat with Cyrus Mistry, ugly side of him came out which shocked me. What he did not do to oust Cyrus? He did injustice to Cyrus Mistry.
A great man who is the father of Indian IT industry in a spat with Vishal Sikka . Should a man of his stature constantly have created difficulty for Sikka. After his leaving Infosys, he did constantly backseat driving creating difficulty for Sikka leading to Sikka’s ouster.

3 thoughts on “Human Meanness is in the bones–do not change with education/wealth.”

  1. Whatever you have run across and percieved in your life journey is your own experience and perception. It is not essential that others also have come across with the same events or have the same perception. I feel that meanness can be a symtom but it can’t be a state of being. No one is born mean nor gifted with it . It comes from the circumstances and social atmosphere in which he or she grows up. Behaviour is the blend of what we accept and what we reject. In this aspect education and parenting play a vital role in shaping ones character.


  2. It is true that human meanness exists in its within and is not influenced by its wealth or income but the most contributing factor lies in its pedigree which will guide its instinct from within. The author’s vivid description on this subject is commendable.


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