I Hate ARNAB GOSWAMI, the TV anchor


I wonder what does anchor, Arnab Goswami do on the TV. Often , he conducts various interviews by calling in important people on the panel for the debate, in his ‘ Republic channel’ . Generally the debate is on important issues, he appears to be nakedly campaigning for Modi Govt in an unbalanced way. There is nothing bad if he campaigns for the Govt, for that matter, any Govt. In fact, myself, a 70% supporter of the present Govt, and believe in my bones that there is no better leader than Modi today. But nauseating is the way he conducts the interview. First negative thing about him is that he calls in people not for interview, but lecturing and scolding them. He mocks, ridicules and makes fun of them. In a word, he produces in me a disgust.
After abrogation of article 390, and 35A of Indian constitution, there is a huge curiocity, both within and outside, the country. It is natural because there has been tectonic shift in geo-political situation so far it concerns India, and Pakistan, due to summary annexation of Kashmir, which has taken away the handle of Kashmir from Pakistan, to destabilize India . There are topics supposing to be analytical in nature in Arnab Goswami’s Republic TV channel, which is actually not. Being attracted by the topics, and the personalities of Pakistan appearing, I often want to listen to them, but it is impossible watching through the interviews till end, every time I break off in the middle, and switch channels…again come back, again switch channels. It is irritating to watch his programme, and him talking. His manners are uncivilized. He humiliates those whom he disagrees with. Most of the time he himself does the talking, what the panelists want to say, we can not know of. This is not journalism.
All Pakistanis are not bad. A host of Pakistani intellectuals day and night praising Modi and his honesty, India, our education, industry, our achievement in scientific technology, endlessly…… their army, administration , clergy is decisively bad, certainly, they have vested interests which they pursue.
Pakistan is a failed state, their industrial and economic development are poor; in near future, there is no hope of any improvement either. Their only issue is Kashmir, Kashmir has exhausted them already, and they will die with it, Kargil and terrorism, reduced them to a pauper, lost reputation in the world, and financially bankcraft. ……but all these does not authorize Arnab Goswami to humiliate and abuse intellectual Pakistani people on the TV screen and in public. Do you remember, how he humiliated Aparna sen on the TV screen???. Somebody in the Govt rise and defang him.
I like, Pronoy Roy, Barkha Dutt, Rajat sharma, Ravish kumar, Rajdeep sardesai, Karan Thapar, Rahul Kanwal etc but how this man–Arnab Goswami, has come into the scene? He is bringing bad reputation to journalism in India. What is your opinion???