Clean India–Modi leads from the front.

This is really a different man, you may like him or not. I do not say that it was all previously unplanned, rather very much planned. But you can not deny his commitment to the purpose, no other leader in his place would do the same. He wants to clean India, setting examples of himself, by picking up empty cans, litters on the sea shore, and putting the garbage collection bag on his shoulder in a rag pickers style-(- I wonder how many opposite things a PM of a country has to keep track of –cleaning, china, terrorism, trump and what not!!!, thank God, I am not a PM!!!) . So many people of the country is imbibing his style on sea shore, roads , towns and villages. I am sure no other leader with the ambition of ruling India would work so steadfast, and hard to apply himself to clean India. Let us adore him… I have already started carrying a cloth bag in my pocket so that I don’t need any plastic bag from the shops. By this I am doing my duty, about you???–I do not think you have improved.

His above picture of a rag picker, together with his tea selling past, makes a great statement of dignity of labour. It teaches a lot to Indians who hates the poor, and menial job the poor do. He has taught us that ‘ work is worship’ by living the example.

In India a free and open discourse, has become impossible. Many will conclude from above that I am a blind and bought supporter Of Modi–no, I am not, in fact, nobody should. Yet I believe at the moment he is the best leader in the country. But that does not mean, there are only successes, no failures, but there are no leaders who could do any better, in balance, he is the best possible leader. Only bad thing about him is that, he must work utmost to restore the confidence of Muslim population, especially at lower level…. his blind supporters at the grass root level has done a lot of mischief toward Muslims who are poor, illiterate and deprived. This only tarnishes his image.