Why women lie better ???

Have you ever told a lie?—if your answer is a prompt ’no’, then you are possibly among the great liars. People lie, even Yudhishthira in Mahabharata, told a lie.  True, he took  shelter of a technicality– still he was a liar !!!.

Actually all of us lie–to  spouse, to children, to  neighbour, to  boss, and to  fellow colleagues, and that many times a day.  Of course, these small lies are a kind of  white lies, are innocuous—often said to avoid making issues/ saving situations, where big stake are not involved.  A few examples are — ‘ you are beautiful/ intelligent; I earn a six digit salary/ in my office nothing works without my presence!’ etc etc. Problems start with the devious liars who are in the habit of deceiving or cheating people. They are offenders, they must be caught and discouraged.

There are another type of liars who are in the habit of speaking lies, come what may they will speak lie for sure, for, they can’t live without it. They have such reputation in close circle, that nobody believes them , still they lie and will lie. I think they lie because they take it as a challenge– to see if their skill may evade others’ detection. Telling lies creates some sort of excitement for them, just like the high one get after drug..

For a diplomat telling lie is an art, he hones it with all dexterity, nobody faults him. Worst is the politician, they go on telling lies without caring for being discovered. Fortunately, member of public do not take them seriously !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! . About them much cannot be said as they are there because people elected them, and they are protected under constitution. Businessman tell lies for for monitory gain, customers are cautious always to weigh their words before accepting. Lie damages while it comes from unexpected quarter.

Men and women both lie, but women lie better, because to successfully lie, he or she  must be a good mind reader. Women are expert in social networking and can read the situation coolly, to make her lie effective. Women lie emotionally, therefore, naturally difficult to detect. In contrast, men are not that skilled in lieing, and are shallow in this respect. When man lies, he is easily caught, he cannot hide his expression, his lies are seen through.

women have larger corpus callosa than men, and hence better cerebral hemispheric integration, which allow them to be better liar. It is also known that liars have more white matter than grey matter.

Principally one should speak the truth, in that case, she/he need not keep in my mind what she had already said, in order to be consistent. Thus telling lie means carrying about your burden, that’s a punishment willingly invited. For me, telling small lies should not be considered as offence, so long it does not harm others’ interest. Thanks for reading.