Carelessness and mobile phone blast

People’s carelessness knows no bound. As usual, periodically, another mobile phone blasted as the user was talking while the mobile was on charge, and the ugly incident took the life of a hapless young man-31 years, in Hyderabad. The make of the company, not known. The make is very important, in every similar incident that is sure to happen in future, the make of the company has to be widely reported, so that consumers become aware, and may influence their decision to buy or reject a brand.

Add to this people’s carelessness, unwilling to learn from others. This young man must have read such and similar news several times in the past, but did not care, and paid the price through his life, God knows how many more will happen this way !!!. People do not care, as if bad things which they read of, are reserved for others only, not to themselves. Have you seen while we travel in a long or short distance, in train, in spite of thousands announcement by the Railways, against possible terrorist planted bombs, nobody leans to see under their seat if there is any, ensuring them “ARE KUCHH NAHI HOGA”. This sort of carelessness invite danger to himself and others. Most of what you are today, is due to what you learnt in school. School text books should include such material of safety in their syllabus. LIVING WITH SAFETY FOR THE SELF, AND SOCIETY, IS ALSO THE PRIMARY PURPOSE OF EDUCATION. I will call such people as illiterate in spite of their material possession of  several academic certificates.



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